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12 Best Microscopes For Kids

Are you looking for the best microscope for kids? Whether you're shopping for Christmas or a birthday, a microscope makes a great gift that can be both educational and fun.  

Kids are curious by nature, and the right microscope can be an amazing purchase for a child, opening a fascinating new world and stimulating an ultimate love of science. Science is both exciting and valuable; allowing kids to find their own answers about the world around them.

Our handpicked microscopes all have a few things in common: they are robust, they provide great images, and they include plenty of fun accessories that add greater depth and intrigue for a talented little scientist.

Finding the best microscope for your young scientist

When you are looking for the best children’s microscope, you should look for one that is durable and simple to use. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need extremely high power magnification for a kids microscope.  The most interesting specimens for kids to look at, such as bugs, bacteria and their own cheek cells only require 40x-400x. The best microscopes often include additional accessories such as carrying/storage cases and prepared slides so that viewing can begin right away. Most importantly, any microscope chosen for a kid should encourage scientific exploration in a fun and educational way.

Omano JuniorScope, The Ultimate Kids Microscope

The JuniorScope is the highest rated microscope for kids on the market today. It makes our ‘best microscopes list’ because unlike other microscopes on the market that look, feel, and perform like toys the JuniorScope provides a quality design, clear images, and a fun experience. The battery-powered LED light lets them go wherever the adventure takes them.

  • 3 Magnification Levels so great for teaching - 40x, 100x, 400x

  • Top and Bottom LED Lighting for slides or solid objects coins or insects

  • Includes a complete starter kit with slides, stains and experiments - everything you need to get started right away.

List Price: $130.00

Starting at: $89.00

Dino-Lite AM2111 0.3 MP Digital Microscope

The Dino-Lite AM2111 is a completely digital, handheld microscope that plugs into a computer.  With the AM2111 your kids can view images on the computer screen instead of looking through an eyepiece.  They can also take pictures and share them with friends and family. The Dino-Lite is undeniably better value than its rival products that lack the quality of software and design. The AM2111 is, in our opinion, the best in class and we recommend it compared to cheaper imitations.

  • 10x, 50x and 230x variable magnification

  • 4 Always on LED Lights

  • Included PC/MAC Software

Starting at: $99.00

Omano OM150-MK 40X-400X Premium Monocular Compound LED Student Microscope

With up-to-date optics inside a robust package, the new Omano OM150-M LED student microscope is an ideal way to introduce young scientists to the world of microscopy. You can transform this microscope into a digital microscope too, by the simple method of adding a digital microscope camera. The OM150-M features high-quality optics made from 100% optically coated glass to ensure a crisp and clear image.

  • Three magnification levels: 40x, 100x, 400x

  • Battery-powered LED illumination - perfect for field trips

  • Coarse & Fine focus makes it easy for students to use

List Price: $189.00

Starting at: $119.00

Omano OM118-M3 40X-400X Student Compound Microscope Gift Package

The Omano OM118-M3 is a full-size, high power monocular microscope used for inspecting cellular structures on slides.  It is best suited for older children and students from ages 10 and up. The ocular is angled at an ergonomic 45 degrees and rotates through 360 degrees for flexible viewing. It comes with a Dustcover, Manual, Spare Bulb, Spare Fuse.

  • Comes with a complete gift package starter kit

  • 40X, 100X, 400X magnification

  • Abbe 1.25 N.A condenser

List Price: $327.00 $237

Starting at: $188.00 $138

Euromex EduBlue Triple Power 10x, 20x, 30x or 40x Student Stereo Microscope

Designed specifically for classroom use, the Euromex EduBlue microscopes offer a compelling combination of high-quality optics, rugged construction and good value pricing. Illumination is provided by dual transmitted and incident LED with variable controls. A rechargeable 1.800 mAh battery is integrated into the stand with an AC/DC adapter.

  • 40x, 100x, 400x magnification

  • Monocular microscope head

  • Recommended for K-12

List Price: $350.00

Starting at: $295.00


Omano OM185 20X Student Dissecting Microscope

The OM185 is a monocular dissection microscope designed for elementary school students and hobbyists who require a solid microscope for use in the field.

  • 20x Magnification

  • Uses ambient light

  • Rack and Pinion focus

List Price: $150.00

Our Price: $75.00

Sale Price: $59.00

Omano OM136C 40X-400X Student Compound Microscope Gift Package

The Omano OM136C monocular compound microscope is one of our best-selling microscopes for kids and has won a Best Rated award. With even better design and construction than the OM118 series, it is a microscope that will last a lifetime and accordingly, carries an Omano lifetime limited warranty. Features include professional halogen or rechargeable LED illumination, three fully coated achromatic objective lenses (an optional 100x objective can be added to the order), Abbe 1.25 N.A condenser with iris diaphragm and an optional mechanical slide holder which we recommend for easier slide handling. Recommended for Grades 5-12.

  • Choice of four Accessory packages

  • Halogen or LED illumination

  • Professional features

List Price: $377.00

Starting at: $188.00

Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope

The colorful Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope is so much more than just a toy! It's a real optical instrument created especially for kids and can grab a child's attention by unravelling the most thrilling microworld mysteries. The Levenhuk Labs M101 compound microscope offers an innovative solution for getting kids excited about science. The fully adjustable bottom LED illumination is powered by 2 x AA batteries for go-anywhere portability, making it ideal for backyard field trips.

  • 3 magnification levels - 40x, 100x, 400x

  • High-grade quality optics

  • Lower LED lighting for slides or solid objects

  • EZ-focus knobs are perfect for kids

List Price: $79.95

Our Price: $39.95

Omano OM4713 Dual-Power 10X / 30X Stereo Microscope

The Omano OM4713-B offers outstanding value with premium 10x/30x dual power magnification. With crisp images, dual halogen illumination and a double-wide base, the microscope is robustly built to withstand the test of time.

  • Binocular or trinocular

  • Classic, double-wide fixed arm stand

  • Rugged, industrial construction

  • Dual, variable halogen or LED illumination

List Price: $518.00

Starting at: $239.00

Omano OM118-B4L LED 40X-1000X Compound Student Microscope

Part of the affordable OM118 series, the OM118-B4 is a binocular compound microscope that includes four objective lenses and a mechanical slide holder for convenient slide handling on the microscope stage.

  • Most affordable binocular with mechanical slide holder

  • 4 magnification levels: up to 1,000x

  • Mechanical slide holder for easier slide handling

  • A coaxial coarse/fine focus for ease of use

  • Professional Abbe 1.25 NA condenser

List Price: $498.00

Starting at: $239.00

Meiji Techno MT-14 Binocular LED Compound Student Microscope

The ultra-high quality Meiji Techno MT-14 Binocular LED microscope offers beginning Life Science students clear visibility to a variety of samples with superb optical quality and crisp, clear cool LED illumination. LED variable intensity illumination generating even illumination and low electrical consumption. Equipped with a rechargeable battery making it cordless when in use, perfect for field experiments.

  • Semi-Plan 4X, 10X, S40X, S100X Objectives

  • Battery-powered for convenient portability

  • LED variable intensity illumination

  • Forward-facing ball-bearing nosepiece

List Price: $650.00

Our Price: $595.00

Omano OM-124-1LP 20X / 40X Student Stereo Microscope

Omano OM-124L comes as a LED rechargeable stereo microscope and it is the perfect companion for young explorers on field trips to the beach, park or parks. Kids can use this microscope to examine macro objects that are visible to the naked eye such as insects, crystals, seashells and more. The microscope includes 10x/20x/40x triple power magnification with WF10x eyepieces.

  • Rack and pinion focus

  • Recommended for Elementary-High School

  • 20x/40x Dual power stereo

  • Rack and pinion focus

  • Recommended for Elementary-High School

List Price: $258.00

Our Price: $129.00

Sale Price: $99.00

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