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EM-20 LED Binocular Entry-Level 1X, 3X Incident and Transmitted Turret Stereo Rechargeable Microscope

Introducing Meiji Techno America’s new EM-20 Turret Stereo Microscope features fixed magnifications of 10X and 30X. Designed with ergonomics in mind it is equipped with a Binocular 45° inclined tubes. The EM-20 is a complete microscope system which includes the 10X/20mm eyepieces, Incident and Transmitted LED rechargeable stand with dual variable intensity controls, Turret Stereo Microscope Body. The EM-20 includes energy-efficient variable LED illumination dual spring loaded stage clips and One ± 5 diopter adjustment, Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 mm and 75 mm. The stand is also equipped with an Auto Voltage Sensing Power Supply. Ideal for K-12, middle School, Junior High, High School classroom. This new series of stereo microscopes is affordable and built with a cast aluminum frame.

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